Thursday, October 18, 2012

mobility & identity

Contemporary Art as a way of perceiving European Identity"/
October 20 - November 25
Agora Argyri - 14 Ag. Andreou, Patra, Greece
Opening: October 20, 19:00

Sonia Almeida
Thorbjørn Andersen
Nikos Arvanitis
Daniele Genadry
Maria Glyka
Jim Hobbs
Karem Ibrahim
Maria Kavalaraki
Lisa Peachey
Ellie Reid
Evi Renieri
Yiannis Skaltsas
Jedsada Tangtrakulwong
Vassilis Vlastaras
Antonis Vaos
Dimitris Zouroudis

Our contemporary societies are constructed around flows: flows of citizens(physical movements or between classes, occupations etc), flows of information, of data, of capital, of symbols, images and sounds.
Every time we move or make a movement we can leave traces with or without our knowledge. Either experiencing the above or observing it, movements of people, cars, devices, data refer to something that is the opposite of static. The location might change geospatially, civilly or descriptively.
This mobility can leave traces both horizontally (e.g. movements between groups) and vertically (higher or lower scale) and define the identity of the subjects, of their spaces and their "investigators".
For some it's about controlling the movements that form the identity and for others it's about researching the diversity and the sources that create it.